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Intro– 11, Muhammad as Foretold, Model of Balance, Model of Conduct, and...


(Part – 11)

Muhammad (peace be upon Him) as Foretold, Model of Balance, Model of Conduct, and Revelations of Qur’an

4.  REVELATION OF THE QUR-‘AAN:-   At the age of 40, Muhammad (Peace be on him) received “Wahee” or First Message from Allah, through the Angel Jibreel, on Mount Hira, in one of the odd nights (21 to 29)’of Ramadan Beginning with Surah 96 as, “Read in the name of the Lord Munificent, who taught man by the pen” Here the emphasis is on God’s bestowing knowledge on Man, the basis of his superiority to all other creatures, and lastly the paramount need of Reading and Writing with pen, so as to acquire, preserve and propagate Knowledge in Mankind.
       The Spiritual experience marks the start of Prophetic career. There is historical association of 
Ramadan with the Qur-’aan, and this is one of the reasons why special attention is paid to the recitation and study of the Qur-‘aan and activities and blessings, peculiar to this month, vide 185: 2. Moreover, the Prophet’s Mi’-raaj or Ascension to High Heavens is dated to the 27th night of the month of ‘Rajab’ in the year before his “Hijrat” from Makkah to Madinah. Vide 1 : 17, 8 : 53. The Qur-‘aan is the Highest Gift of God to mankind, better than all the possessions of the world. So it must be the source of greatest delight as well. Vide 57, 58 : 10. So Muslims are commanded to be attentive to the Qur-‘aan, to seek the company of spiritual people, and not to make a fetish of this world. vide 27, 28 : 18.

5.  MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) AS FORETOLD:- The 
Qur-‘aan is most emphatic on its Revelation to the Prophet, and on its Message of the Unity of God. 19 : 6. At the same time Islam is most liberal within the limits of Truth, but not beyond the limits, like any expedient compromise. The Way of Islam is straight and broad, not crooked or narrow for its followers, so that it claims to include all Religions in Truth (158: 7, 285: 2). The Basic Beliefs in Islam are mentioned at several places in the Qur-‘aan the summary of which is given on the title page of this volume. 136: 4. But the Prophet is denied recognition by the Divines of other Religions, in spite of Prominent Prophesies about him, contained in their own Books.

       “The people of the Book know this Apostle (Muhammad) as they know their own sons, but a party of them conceal the Truth (of his Prophet-hood) which they themselves know (from the references in their Books) (Torah and the Gospel), but they conceal or misinterpret.” (146: 2, 20: 6, 16 to 18: 5, 157: 7).

       “And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! I am the Apostle of God (sent) to you, confirming the Law (of Moses which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of an Apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmed; but when he came to them with clear signs they said! This is Evident Sorcery.” 6, 7: 61.

6.  MODEL OF BALANCE:- The Prophet of Islam has two specific names, Muhammad (Highly Praised) and Ahmad (Most Praised). In other worlds, Muhammad is associated with the sphere of “
Khalq” (Creation), and Ahmad with the sphere of “Amr” (Command), and since Jesus Christ is more endowed with ‘Amr’ than with ‘Khalq’, as shown by his birth, his miracles and his end, he calls the Prophet (of Islam) “Ahmad,” according to his own Complex. This “Amr” is expressed by ‘Kun” or (Be) which is also called “Kalimah” or Word); hence Jesus Christ is also called “Word” in the Qur-‘aan. But the Prophet of Islam is a model of Balance in his relations with ‘Khalq’ and ‘Amr’, and as such, he is also a model of ‘Abd’ (servant) in his relation with his ‘Rab’- and this Model marks the Zenith of Religion---both the relations extending to the extreme and still safe, free from exaggeration. While the prophet seems to live like a common man in this world, he rises to heights beyond imagination in the Spiritual sphere. And even then, on a broad outlook, his all-round success, in this world as well, stands out a Monument of human Achievements.

7.  MODEL OF CONDUCT :- So the Muslims are advised in the 
Qur-‘aan:- “Say (O Prophet)! I am but a man like yourselves (neither a Son of God nor an Incarnation of God), but the Inspiration has come to me that your God is One God. Whoever expects to meet his Lord (and Man can meet his Lord), let him work (with Righteousness, and in the Worship of his Lord (let him) admit no one as partner, vide 110 : 18. You have indeed, in the Apostle of God (Muhammad) an Excellent Model (of Conduct) for anyone whose hope is in God and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of God. 21 : 33. In addition to Muslims, the Prophet is also congratulated on his personal progress. “And We raised high for thee (Muhammad), the Talk about thee (in the form of Salaat and Salaam and Azaan from Allah, from Angels and from Men).” 1 to 4 : 94. The Talk about Prophet, raised high. Is further explained by the Qur-‘aan: “Verily Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet (Muhammad): O ye who believe! Invoke blessings on him and offer your Salutation to him with all respects.” 56: 33. Allaa-humma salli ‘alaa Muhamma-din wa ‘alaa ‘Aalehii wa As-haabehii wa baarik wa sallim. (O Allah! Bestow Thy grace on Muhammad, his family members, his companions, shower Thy blessings on him, and grant peace to him).

Copied from “Transliteration of Holy Qur’aan in Roman Script with English Translation written by Marmaduke Pickthall, published by Pak Company ® 17- Urdu Bazaar Lahore, Pakistan”. https://youtu.be/FRTlMpBK4Pw