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Intro– 12, Muhammad as Periclytos, ‘Abd and Apostle of Rab & Next to God


(Part – 12)

Muhammad (peace be upon Him) as Periclytos, ‘Abd and Apostle of Rab & Next to God

8.  PERICLYTOS:- It is not necessary to open here the old long controversy, how far the Prophet is foretold in preceding Books; but the fact remains that Deut XVIII: 18 in Old Testament, and the Gospel of St. John XIV (16) XV (26) and XVI (7) in the New Testament contain obvious specifications which identify the Prophet as their Object.  Willful mistranslation is however a different matter. For instance the Greek name ‘
Periclutos’ or ‘Periclytos’ which is almost a literal equivalent of ‘Ahmad’ or ‘Muhammad’, may be easily corrupted as ‘Paracletos’(Advocate), which also applies to the Prophet, and then it may be mistranslated further as ‘comforter’, which again applies to the Prophet, and still such Prominent References are denied to the Prophet, lest he should be accepted by many people of their own fold. Let Jesus Christ (God’s Blessings on him) speak for himself and for the next Prophet Ahmad or Muhammad:-

       “If you love me, keep my commandments, and I will pray the Father and He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever, (being the Final Prophet-?-author, M.E. Burney) even the spirit of Truth (he will be-?-author, Burney). (John) XIV, 15-17. Similarly Jesus Christ is highly admired more than once in the 
Qur-‘aan. Vide 45 : 3.

‘ABD - APOSTLE  RAB:- The Abd should train his mind to the full realization, in knowledge and action, of his intimate relationship with the Supreme Being, after asserting his firm Belief in the Unity of God and in the Prophet-ship of Muhammad.

Abd and Rab” is the essence of the Teachings of Islam which determines Human position in Creation. “Abd means one who has nothing originally his own, but whatever he has he gets from his ‘Rab’ (God), be it his life or its numerous constituents (powers and qualities), in fact his entire existence. ‘Rab’ is the Supreme Being who creates and sustains his creation in entire existence, called ‘Rabbul- ‘Aalameen’ (the Lord of all the worlds). Those, who know ‘Rab’ and accordingly, to the point of realization, are called Apostles and saints. This association of Abd’ and ‘Rab’ (the created and the Creator), dispenses with the need of the Sons or (Avatars) Incarnations of God Himself (in human or other form). Man as man is capable to hold any exalted Position, subject to God. Thus it is that Muhammad is called “ ‘Abdu-huu wa Rasuu-luhuu.” His ‘Abd and His Apostle (God’s blessings on him). Vide (25 to 29: 20, 110: 18).

Abds’ in their high grades are gifted with ‘Amaanat’ (Trust) and ‘Khilaafat’ (Vicegerency) in the Universe, and they are superior to Angels, because they are capable of wider and higher Manifestations of the Supreme Being, but still they keep human level in their life, under the action, of ‘Khalq’ (Creation) and ‘Amr’ (Command).

10.  NEXT TO GOD:- Prophet’s contact with people is called his ‘
Nuzuul’ (Descension), and his rise to his Lord, Most Exalted, is called his ‘Urooj’ (Ascension), and his life between the two extremes is called his ‘Maqqaam’ (Position) which may be higher and lower among the Prophets. The farther the extremes, the greater the ‘Zuhoor’ (Manifestation) of ‘Amaanat (Trust) and ‘Khilaafat’ (Vicegerency) in the Prophet’s personality. The two extremes are also called ‘Misiiat’ (Similarity) and ‘Afzaliat’ (Superiority). In brief the Qur-‘aanic conception of Prophet-ship is at once Human and Spiritual, without any super-humanity to substantiate his position. Thus Man stands next to
God, but strictly in the sphere of creation, entirely subject to his Lord, Most Exalted. The Prophet’s Message (Islam) has been summed up as:- ‘Say; He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute, on whom all depend. He begettith not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him.’ Vide 1 to 4: 112, 1 to 3 : 25, 108 : 12, 180 to 182: 37).  Let those Reflect Who Seek Truth.

Copied from “Transliteration of Holy Qur’aan in Roman Script with English Translation written by Marmaduke Pickthall, published by Pak Company ® 17- Urdu Bazaar Lahore, Pakistan”.