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Intro– 16, End of Christ


(Part – 16)


Miracles, Importance of Khalq, & End of Christ

3.   MIRACLES :-  Now reverting to the features of ‘Amr’ and ‘Khalq, ‘ let us take Virgin Mary first. While she was yet a girl, she was endowed with ‘Amr’ in the supply of her provisions. Says the Qur-‘aan; “Every time that he (Zakariyyaa) entered her chamber to see her, he found her supplied with Provisions from God. vide 37: 3. Imbued with the spirit of ‘Amr’ like his mother Mary, and on a large scale, Christ made a prayer to God, but at the request of his Disciples, to be supplied with provisions from heaven. The favour based on ‘ Amr’ was a gift in the case of Mary, and a grant in the case of Christ, so a hard condition was imposed in the latter case, to be severely punished for disbelief, if the miracle were to make its appearance. vide 115 to 118 : 5. When Mary came of age, fit to give birth to Christ which took place as below :-

“The angels said: Oh Mary ! God giveth thee Glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary- - - - He shall speak to the people in infancy”. She said: “How shall I have a son, when no man has touched me.” He said: “Even so: God createth what He willeth, when He hath issued ‘ 
Amr’ (Command) (about anything), He but saith to it, Kun’ (Be)’ and there it is.” (This ‘Kun’ is Word from God to set’ Amr’ to action). vide 45 to 47 : 3. The pains of childbirth drove her to a date-tree. She cried, “Ah, would that I had died before this!... But a voice cried to her, “Grieve not! For thy Lord hath provided a rivulet beneath thee. Shake the stem of the date-tree; it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon thee.” 16 to 26: 19.            

KHALQ’ :- As pointed out, ‘Khalq’ is most common in action, and ‘Amr’ is considered superior to ‘Khalq’. But ‘Khalq’ is also indispensable for spiritual Accomplishment. Thus it is that Mary was favoured with ‘Amr about the supply of provisions in girl-hood, but when she rose in status, so as to be the mother of Christ, she was made subject to ‘Khalq’ to use efforts to make dates fall from the tree after childbirth. Similarly while her conception of Christ was unfelt under the action of ‘Amr,’   the delivery was very hard indeed, to assert action of ‘Khalq’ at the climax to set a balance between ‘Khalq’ and ‘Amr’ to elevate her position in Humanity. Angels are subject to ‘Amr’, and Animals are subject to ‘Khalq’, and Man holds a combination of both but the Genii are confused between Angels and Men.

QUR-‘AAN:- The Ministry of Christ lasted only about three years from 30 to 33 years of his age. The action of Amr was most prominent in his life that he healed the blind and lepers and quickened the dead to life (vide 49: 2), but according to the Bible and Christian Traditions, Christ felt agonies on the Cross which made him cry helpless till he yielded up his ghost - (in the sphere of Khalq’). This submission (Islam) to the action of ‘Khalq’ in spite of the gift of Amr’ is the characteristic of Abd, Apostle, and saint. Vide 30 to 35 : 19. The last moments of the life of Jesus Christ as if, on the Cross, are thus portrayed in the Bible:-

“Now from the sixth hour was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour, and about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying “
Eli! Eli! Lama sabach-thani? That is to say. “My God, My God, Why hast Thou forsaken me? Jesus when he had cried out with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.” (Matt. XXVII, 45-50).

But the 
Qur-‘aan says Christ was altogether saved from the indignity of the Cross, and as if by a miracle of likeness, someone else of the same features was crucified by the Jews under illusion. Says the Qur-‘aan:-

(Verse, 157) “And they (Jews) said (in boast), we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of God (in the Knowledge of God). But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) Knowledge, but only conjectures to follow, for a surely they killed him not.”

(Verse, 158) “Nay, God raised him up unto Himself, and God is Mighty, Wise.”

(Verse, 159) “And there is none, of the people of the Book, but must believe in him (Christ), before his death. And on the Day of Judgment, he (Christ) will be a witness.” Vide 157 to 159: 4.  

While the Jews claim to have killed Christ on the Cross, it is also a Cardinal point of Faith to the Orthodox Christian Churches that (a) Jesus Christ gave up his life on the Cross. That (b) he was buried after Crucifixion, that (c) on the third day, he rose in body with his wounds fresh, that (d) he met his disciples and (f) was afterwards taken up bodily to heaven. In fact, this is the Belief which forms the basis of the theological doctrine of blood sacrifice and Vicarious Atonement for since, which is, however, losing its force with the Modern Age of Action and Retribution.

Copied from “Transliteration of Holy Qur’aan in Roman Script with English Translation written by Marmaduke Pickthall, published by Pak Company ® 17- Urdu Bazaar Lahore, Pakistan”.